Nursing Concepts basic material   Care is an essential service

Nursing Concepts basic material

   Care is an essential service provided by nurses on individuals, families and communities who have health problems. Based on science, that care must be based on science and the use of nursing care and tips are studying the shape and cause non-fulfillment of basic human needs and nursing a healing effort. Based on tips means more nurses focused on the ability of nurses to provide nursing care in komperehensip with a touch of art.
     Nursing is a professional services form an integral part of health care that is based on science and nursing tips include aspects of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual nature kompherensip, addressed to individuals, families and communities healthy and diseased human life to achieve include health status optimal. Nursing is kompherensip means nursing services are comprehensive, covering aspects of “Human social biopsiko and spirituality”.
In general, nursing is an art suatau identification. The term means art practice skills acquired through observations / experiences.
   Nursing is the synthesis of basic nursing, clinical nursing, biomedical sciences, psychology and social sciences.
Nursing Theory
Nursing theory (C. Taylor et al)
     In an effort to describe and explain the various phenomena in nursing.
Nursing theory (Steven)
    Nursing theory plays a role in distinguishing nursing with other disciplines and aims to describe, explain, predict and control the results of operations or nursing services are performed.
Nursing theory (Newman)
   There are three approaches in the development and establishment of nursing theory that is reviewing the theories of other relevant disciplines with the aim to integrate the theories into nursing science, nursing practice to analyze the situation in order to achieve the concepts related to nursing practice and create a framework to conceptualize which allows the development of nursing theory.
Nursing Process
Wolf and Weitzel
   Treatment process is a course of conduct or action to establish, plan, implement nursing care in order to help clients to achieve and maintain optimal health.
   Ann Martiner
Nursing process is the application of scientific problem solving to identify patient problems, systematically plan and implement and evaluate the results of nursing actions that have been implemented.
   Malinda Muraray
Nursing process is the method in the provision of nursing services to patients systematically analyze problems, determine how to solve, and evaluate the results of the actions that have been carried out in their actions.
Nursing process is a sequential action, carried out systematically, to determine the patient’s problems, make plans to address them, implementing the plan or assigning others to implement and evaluate the success of effectively overcoming the problem.
Nursing process is a scientific method used to assess systematically and mendiaknosa patient’s health status, which is achieved formulate the problem, determine and evaluate interventions and outcomes science conducted on patient care.
Nursing theory and is defined as identifying the specific relationship of nursing concepts, such as the relationship between human concept, the concept of healthy pain, nursing, and environment concepts.
Nursing theory should be Imlah, meaning that nursing theory is used with a clear reason or rational and developed using a logical way of thinking.
Nursing theory is simple and common. Meaning nursing theory can digunaklana on simple problems or complex health problems according to the situation of nursing practice.
Nursing theory plays a role in order to enrich the body of Knowledge nursing through research.
Nursing theory to guide and participate in improving nursing practice.
Basic nursing is important in the care of the human interconnected. We are in touch daily with our neighbors and how we will also be responsible for the people who are in a social networking environment that we are relatively small. We ourselves are sometimes too dependent on others.
Basic care is actually rooted in “the third basic task of humanity”. As a human being with another man. Gain experience in the development of human personality, precisely because they relate to other people. Because the care of others, people may develop from a baby to an adult.
Basic care given by others against us, it perlahankita learn and take over then reduced to self-care. Further information on the meaning of “basic care” is derived from “Prof. Hattinya Veschure “diberrikan that all treatment and received one within the” small social environment Diman these individuals are included, based on the desire membantusatu each other “.
Thus, basic maintenance requirement is the existence of a small structure social environment and a willingness to do something for them.
We departed from Prof. explanation. Hattinya Veschure:
– Basic care leads to a desire to care for others. In primary care there is a willingness to help or be helped, which means that in principle people are willing to give assistance as feedback for the help (basic care) that have been provided.
– The people involved know each other well in the care relationship is not the only relationship that exists between them, get to know each like to know other members of the family or like a hobby to know fellow members of society and so on. Basic care requires a longer period of time. On the basis of treatment is likely that personal relationships within it. There is a warm emotional relationship between the individuals concerned.
– Throughout human beings exist, it is still necessary for basic care, for it uorang not need to undergo a specific training. The important thing here is trying to help to create an atmosphere in which the person concerned feels safe and secure.
Nursing excerpted or derived from a variety of books and expert opinions nursing world. But the first time expression recognition of nursing is “Florence Nithingale” which says that: A person suffering from an illness that is a result of environmental factors.
Thus pila with “Orlando”. Famous with his opinion that: “Delierate nursing approach”, and many other nursing experts opinion. But even the experts opinions differ, but in fact they think about nursing and nursing science is the same.


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