Nursing is a process or series of activities

Nursing is a process or series of activities in nursing practice given directly to clients / patients in various health care arrangements. Implemented based on the rules of Nursing as a profession based on science and nursing tips, is humanistic, and based on the needs of clients to objectively address the problems faced by the client.
According to Ali (1997) Nursing Process Nursing is a scientific method, systematic, dynamic and continuous and sustainable in the context of solving the health problems of patients / clients, starting from Assessment (Data Collection, Data Analysis and Determination Issues) Nursing Diagnosis, Implementation and Nursing measures assessment (evaluation).
Nursing care provided in an effort to meet the needs of clients. According to Abraham Maslow, there are five basic human needs, namely:
Physiological needs include oxygen, fluids, nutrients
Needs a sense of security and protection
Needs a sense of love and belonging
The need for self-esteem
Self-actualization needs
Based on the above understanding, it can be concluded that the nursing care nursing is a whole series of processes that are sustainable given to patients with nursing tips on everything from assessment to evaluation in improving or maintaining optimal health status.


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